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Beckie Perell
Country Girl holding Efron

We are a family owned farm/ranch which began its journey in August of 2005 with 3 alpacas and now we have 17 in the herd

Friday, April 24, 2015

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Many Seniors visiting this time of year!
Yesterday I had a wonderful group from Mercy Manor come for a visit.  They fed the alpacas carrots and took lots of pictures with them.  Some were happy to pet them as well.  They wore alpaca for the first time and I was please to sell a few handspun and handknit items for them to take home.  Thank you Kathleen for bringing them.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
here is a video of the alpacas running around in the yard.  and of course the birds and rooster crowing.
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Too long since last post. New alpaca at Loomis Alpacas
Well, after buying a felting needle from Michaels, I created a tiny alpaca from a beautiful black boy.  Maybe I'll take a picture to post.  Beckie
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Are you interested in alpacas and there rich history, purpose and current life in America?  Just give me a call or write to me.  I had questons and continue to ask and learn about my herd.  What a delight.

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a nice video of our alpacas in the yard running around.

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